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iDrops restores the health of your iPod (all models), iBook, eMac, and iMac G5 by bringing back the plastic, polycarbonate, or acrylic’s original factory finish and shine. iDrops cleans, polishes, protects, and removes scratches and blemishes from the plastic, polycarbonate, or acrylic surface of your iPod. Simply squeeze out a few drops of iDrops and buff with a dry, clean, soft cloth.

3G iPod before using iDrops (top) and after applying it (bottom image).

iDrops was designed to be a one step solution, allowing you to remove scratches and blemishes while also restoring the luster to your iPod in one easy process. No multiple types of polish, bottles, or steps are required.

Compatibility Guide
iDrops is compatible, applicable, and safe to use on all iPod models. From the first generation (1G) 5GB to the newest fifth generation (5G) with video, and all other models in between, we got your back. And front. The great thing is that iDrops can also be used on other electronic devices, such as: cellphones, portable game consoles, PMPs, other MP3 playes and so on… 😉

The iDrops price is $14.95 and you get Free Shipping.

Get more information about the iDrops @ the Podshop


A great gift for everyone that drinks a lot of coffee during his daily work in front of a PC. This mug has a miniature battery-operated propeller at the bottom of the well that spins at 3,000 rpms at the touch of a button on the handle, automatically stirring your beverage and eliminating the need to dispose of stirrers or find a place to leave coffee-dampened spoons.

At your command the propeller re-stirs mugs of hot chocolate, coffee, or tea, preventing chocolate or sugar from settling out of solution, and overcoming the traditional challenge of adequately mixing honey in a hot drink. The mug includes a lid to keep contents from spilling and to retain heat, and the lid can be placed underneath the mugs base as an impromptu coaster. The mug is lightweight injection-molded plastic sheathed in a stainless steel exterior. The mug requires two standard 1.5 volt AA batteries.

The price of the Self-Stirring Mug is $29.95 for a set of two mugs.

If you want to get yourself a Self-Stirring Mug…


Optimus mini is an auxiliary keyboard with three keys, each complete with an OLED screen displaying the current function. The keyboard is placed either horizontally or vertically: the images displayed on the keys are turned using the Optimus Configurator software.


Optimus mini is a blank sheet. It’s hard to say what a usual monitor is worth until you open an image on it. The same goes for Optimus mini: the more plugins that support applications there are for Optimus Configurator, the more indispensable is the keyboard for daily use.

The support of applications depends on whether these applications’ codes are open and whether there are plugins. The basic set of plugins is part of the standard package, however, we expect professionals and amateurs from all over the world to write most of them.

Optimus Configurator for Windows is now being completed. The keyboard’s work under other operating systems is just a matter of time. Any programmer can connect Optimus mini to a computer with a USB port and set about creating his or her own configurator.

Size of the keyboard: 118mm (W) x 51.8mm (D) x 18mm (H)
Size of the keys: 32×32 mm
Keys display technology: OLED
Keys resolution: 96×96 pixels
Displaying animation: 5 frames per second
Colors displayed: 262000
Viewing angle: 160 degrees
Connection: USB 1.0
Control: Optimus Configurator software
OS support: Windows (others coming later on)

Demonstration of Optimus mini three v 1.5 in action…

You can order Optimus mini three for $134.99 at the moment.

To get yourself an Optimus mini three keyboard…

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