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A Verball is a talking internet telephone toy that brings your friends voice to life as you enjoy free calls anywhere in the world! Each talking Verball contains a speaker and a handsfree microphone so you can chat to your friends over the internet. Not only can you talk to your friends for free, you can also use your Verball as a USB speaker to listen to your MP3’s.


They’re really easy to use, they don’t even need batteries and although Verballs work with most messaging programs we think they work best with a little bit of free software from our friends at Skype, you just have to plug it in the USB port and activate it and you are ready to go.

The price of the Verballs will be about $60 when they become available in September.

Get more information about the Verballs – The Talking Internet Telephones.

The completely black keyboard is back for all the computer professionals and all geeks who spend many hours a day working on a computer and for whom typing productivity and comfort does matter. The new Das Keyboard II has been designed to produce even greater speed by providing responsive, tactile feedback with its new gold-plated and clicky high-end mechanical key switches.

Mechanical Gold-Plated Key Switches
We have teamed up with Cherry to equipe the Das Keyboard with the best and longest lasting key switches in the industry. By using gold plated key switches, Das Keyboard is rated up to 50 Million key strokes where as regular keyboards barely reach 10 to 15 Million strokes.

All Keyboards Are Not Born Equal
Das Keyboard compares and surpasses the legendary IBM model M. Its tactile feedback makes it extremely responsive. The sonore feedback (i.e. the click) is not as loud as the original IBM model M but definitively louder than a membrane keyboard.

Blank Keys to Type up to 100% Faster
Like on a piano, since there are no keys to look at when typing, your brain will quickly adapt and memorize the key positions. Within a few short weeks users increase their typing accuracy and find themselves typing up to 100% faster.

Scooped F and J Keys
Like on the original IBM typewriters, the home keys F and J have been specially shaped with an increased curvature so the user’s index fingers find their home position easily.

USB Keyboard for Windows, Linux and MacOS
Das Keyboard is a USB keyboard, compatible with Windows, MacOS X and Linux. Das Keyboard has a Windows menu key that also works under Linux. Macintosh addicts be will happy to know this keyboard works well for them too.

The price of the Das Keyboard II is $89.95, and $129.99 for the Ultimate.

If you want to get Das Keyboard Ultimate…

The Belkin Wi-Fi Phone for Skype (F1PP000GN-SK) doesn’t require a PC and will work anywhere in the world where you have secured or open access to a WiFi network. Any home, office, cafe, or municipal wireless access point that does not require browser-based authentication will do.

The phone is pre-loaded with Skype software and featuring the same Skype interface, the Belkin Wi-Fi Phone is ready to use with any wireless network. To make a call, simply use the intuitive on-screen color menu to locate your contact and view their online availability-exactly like you use Skype today.

– Skype Certified to work just like your existing Skype account
– Connect to any secured or open access WiFi network that does not require browser-based authentication
– Exceptional Voice Quality
– WEP, WPA and WPA2 with PSK support

The price of the Belkin Wi-Fi Phone for Skype is $189.99.

More information about Belkin Wi-Fi Phone for Skype (F1PP000GN-SK)
You can pre-order the Belkin Wi-Fi Phone for Skype here (shipping in August)

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