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Now there is no need to change your original PSU when you need more power. Just add the Booster X3 in one of your free 5,25″ bays and you’ll get 300W additional power. The unit is designed to be used for powering high-end single and dual graphic card configurations. If gives you two additional 12V lines with 150W for each, ideal for powering that power hungry Geforce 7950 GX2 Quad SLI or Crossfire configuration based on two Radeon X1900 XTX for instance. And now if you need even more powerful additional power supply you can get the new X5 model that will provide you with up to 450W for your dual video card gaming rig…

– Supplementary Power Supply Unit
– Essential for Dual VGA Cards System
– Easy-Fit to 5.25 Drive Bay and Simple Installation
– Active PFC (99%)
– Ultra High Efficiency Design (over 85%)
– Dual 12V (Each Rail 150W), Individual Output
– Maximum Output 300W (Peak Output 400W), Dual PCI-Express Output
– Advanced Auto-Power-Recovery System (APRS)
– Extremely Low Noise Design (less than 29dBA)
– Improve System Stability
– Blue LED-High-Gloss Black Front Panel
– Front In-Take Dual Rifle Cooling Fan
– Mesh-Wire Cable Management

– Full Range Input: 90~264Vac
– Voltage: +12V
– Current (Min.) : 2.0 A
– Current (Max.) : 25.0 A
– Regulation: +/-5%
– Ripple & Noise: 150mV
– Output Power: 300W
– Maximum Support: 400W
– Independent OVP/OCP/OTP
– MTBF:50,000 hours
– Hold up Time: 10ms at 230Vac
– Dimension: 205x149x42 mm

The price of the FSP Booster X3 is $74.99, the 450W X5 is $89.99.

FSP Group Booster X3 300W Supplementary Power Supply…

FSP Group Booster X5 450W Dedicated Multi GPU Power Supply…