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Wrappers jumbocord covers for Apple’s MacBook are made from contract quality corduroy. Contract quality means the fabric has passed a 100,000 wear and tear rub test. The fire retardant backing uses the latest graphite granule technology, which as well as a safety benefit, prevents the corduroy loosing its shape over time. Sleeves have a layer of cushioning for added protection and a chestnut coloured microfibre lining.

The autumn collection comes in five, natural fall colors: Raven, not jet but soft black for a good match with Apple’s black MacBook; Tobacco, a muted, earthy brown; Terracotta, the strongest colour in the collection more natural brick than electric orange; classic Ivory and finally Taupe, a soft, subtle colour which is a slightly darker, cousin to Ivory.

Wrappers’ corduroy sleeves feature exclusive tailoring that avoids leaving one end of the MacBook exposed, without the need for zips or velcro.

The price of a single Wrapper is about $30.

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