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The Vintage Radio Clock is framed in top quality wood. It displays the temperature, humidity, time and date. The alarm clock plays high quality sound. Oh and it also works as a normal FM radio…

The price if the 7″ Vintage Radio Clock is $28.

To get a 7″ Vintage Radio Clock for your home…


The Jukebox Station design was developed with today’s Modern Technology and iPod. A stereo amplifier offering 72 Watts of music power delivered into 5 speakers system to produce quality sound. Enjoy your iPod music with delightful lighting system from your Juke Station.

Complete wood enclose speaker system for clear quality sound enjoyment from your iPod. Within Jukebox Station sealed wooden enclosures comes the quality components used for amplifier and drivers with advanced design characteristic to produce high-quality clean sound. No more CD???‚?„?s skipping while playing your music loud.

The Jukebox Station comes with an IR remote to control audio volume and iPod functions from across the room. From a whole wood assembly, to a striking appearance, using a 6.0 -inch large diameter subwoofer, and two magnetically shielded tweeters, mid-range drivers and using wood’s properties to work in synergy with quality electronic components enable the Jukebox Station System to provide a dynamic and high-quality bass sound.

– Wood Enclosure Jukebox Style 2.1 Stereo System
– 1 Meter in Height
– FM/AM Radio
– Perfect for Game Rooms
– LED Lighting System
– Precise Sound Quality
– Custom-designed drivers
– Woofer, mid-range and tweeters
– Clean, well defined, high fidelity sound
– Integrated Universal Dock for iPod
– 17 function IR Remote Control
– RCA Input Jacks
– 3.5 mm mini jack input/Headphones
– RCA Video Output Jacks
– Lockable Window

The price of the iPod Jukebox Station with LED Lighting System is $699, the jukebox is expected to be available on October 2nd.

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