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Nearly all geeks think about creating some cool hardware project which should be controlled over the internet from time to time. Unfortunately, a continuously running computer consumes very much power and is therefore very expensive. This item can solve this problem:



Infratec PM 221 MIP is a multiple socket outlet that has an ethernet interface and an integrated web server which makes it possible to control two pairs of slave outlets using the WWW or a WAP capable mobile phone. You can also create different users with different rights to control the outlets.

Additionally, there is a master outlet which can detect if the device plugged in is switched on or off. It can then switch on or off the slave devices according to its status. If there is a power breakdown the multiple socket outlet remembers the status of the outlets and switches them on again when the power returns.

Each outlet can handle up to 5 Ampere and the webserver consumes less than 1.5 Watt. The whole outlet has the following dimensions: 60cm x 5,5cm x 6cm. Please notice: If you don’t use the european schuko style plugs you’ll need an adapter.

The Multiple Socket Power Outlet with a Webserver is available for about $200.

You can order the Infratec PM 221 MIP here…