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This scale-model New Beetle convertible has working headlamps and taillights – and stereo speakers hidden in the wheels! Push a button and the back seat flips up to reveal the ZipConnect module (with retractable 18-inch cable) for playing your iPod, MP3 or any other audio source with a headphone jack. Added SRS WOW technology has greatly improved the sound quality.

This stereo features an AM/FM digital tuner with 20 presets and a digital snooze alarm clock. The time and settings appear in the LCD windshield! Includes wireless remote control that runs on a CR2032 button-cell battery (included). With optional Made for iPod “charge+play+remote control” interchangeable ZipConnect module (SI900, $9.95), the remote also will control basic iPod click-wheel functions.

Beetle measures 9″ long. Plugs into a standard outlet with included AC adapter. Comes with two sheets of decorative stickers – one to create a hippie’s “love bug”; another to make a racer! 90-day warranty.

The price of the Beetle ZipConnect Speaker System is $129.95

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Record Playing VW Van

6, Aug 2006


Quite probably the coolest item for anybody who takes collecting vinyl seriously. When you place the small VW camper van on a record and switch it on, it will drive around the record and play the music through the speaker built into the van’s roof. The only drawback is the quite high price of the device, but…

– Drives along vinyl grooves and plays records
– In-built speaker in the vans roof
– Ideal for when buying second hand records
– A highly collectible item
– Replaceable stylus
– Requires 9v battery (not included)
– Plays 33 rpm records only
– Available in red, blue, yellow, pink & white

The price of the Record Playing VW Van is about $103.

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