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Sarah Palin or actually Sarah Louise Heath Palin, does that name ring any bells for you? That is the current (11th) governor of Alaska and she is the first woman to hold the office, but you probably didn’t know that. Just a few days ago you probably had no idea who the Governor of Alaska was, unless maybe if you live in that state. But now she’s the most famous woman in the land, because she is running for Vice President and that cannot be left unnoticed… and now you can even get some action figures with Sarah Palin’s look. That’s one thing you must love about America – One week you can be a virtual nobody and the next week, you can be turned into an action figure…


You can get a Schoolgirl or a Superhero Sarah Palin action figure, or even both if you like. Each of the two are collectible-grade Sarah Palin action figures, 12-inches tall and fully poseable. So if you’ve decided you want Sarah Palin for Vice President you can start by getting some of her action figures first and wait to see if other people will follow your decision too… 😉

The Sarah Palin action figures are available for $29.99.

To get some of these strange Sarah Palin action figures…