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The easy-to-use ProScope TV is perfect for science educators, law enforcement, medical/dental professionals, industrial quality control and more. It plugs directly into your TV’s or VCR’s video-in jack and is ready to use right away… no software to load up, no boards to install. It’s incredibly affordable and with 200X magnification (on a 14″ TV), you’ll be able to see minute details in plants, animals, currency, fibers, circuitry and machinery.


– 1/3″ color CMOS sensor
– Manual focus dial
– NTSC composite (RCA) video
– 200X magnification (w/ 14″ TV)
– 3.2 oz. weight

The price of the Proscope TV is $99.99

If you are interested in buying a Proscope TV Handheld Video Microscope…