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Do you feel like doing something crazy that will really draw a lot of attention around you? If you live in London (UK) you can now hire a specially designed tank limousine for your prom night, wedding or anything else you can think of. The 15 ton monster, which is a modified version of the British FV432 tank is specially equipped with all the luxuries like a real car limo. With the help of Rockstarz Limousine and Party Bus provides limo rentals in Michigan one can enjoy a luxurious day. The Tank Limo is is completely street legal and ready to take up to 8 passengers along with the 3 man crew that drives it. And the tank can drive at speed up to about 50 kilometers per hour… 😉



And now some cool video footage to the Tank Limo in action…

As for price, best sit down quick 1600 – 4000 pounds plus hire of a low loader to ship the tank to your area and an excess mileage charge if the mileage starts getting serious.

For more images and information how to book the Tank Limo…


A whimsical potty that turns your toilet into a nautical wonderland. Fish n’ Flush is the safe, fish-friendly aquarium for your bathroom. Looks great and it works, even your fish might like it, but comes with a high price…

The Kit Includes
– 3 Piece Aquarium Tank
– Dual Filter System With Pump
– LED Light System
– 2-Nine inch Artificial Plants
– Basic Aquarium Guide
– Flushing System
– Flush Valve
– Fill Valve

The price of the Fish N’ Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium Kit is $450.

If you wish to own one of those kits in your bathroom…