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Because the multi-touch panel of the iPhone and the iPod touch respectively uses a completely different approach than most of the widely adopted resistive touchscreens available in other mobile devices, you need a different kind of stylus. The screen of the iPhone is designed to take input commands only from person’s fingers (or other body parts), but not from a plastic stylus for instance that is normally used in touchscreen devices. In order to do that the screen of the phone has a lot of built in capacitive sensors that detect a difference in the charge of every place the user touches the screen, but in this way the screen is not pressure sensitive. So in order for you to use a stylus in combination with the iPhone you’ll have to use a specially designed “pens” for this type of multi-touch screen.

Until recently it was quite hard and a bit expensive to get such specially designed stylus, but now they are quite widely available and are being produced in big quantities in China. Actually you can even get a pack of two specially designed stylus for iPhone and iPod touch for less that 6 bucks and you get even free shipping for them, a great deal if you ask me. So if you have bigger fingers or longer fingernails and have problems using the touchscreen of the iPhone or your iPod touch music player you can get these “pens” and fix the issue…

The price of a pack of 2 stylus is just $5.77 with free shipping.

If you want to order the special stylus pack for iPhone or iPod touch…

Designed to take the knocks, bumps and other trials of daily life with ease, the exceedingly tough Olympus ?’?µ (mju) 720 SW heralds a brand new era in digital photography. Waterproof to 3m and resistant to falls from up to 1.5m, this attractive yet incredibly robust camera can take pretty much anything life throws at it ???‚??? whether that’s being showered with champers or dropped into a mountain stream.


With interest in extreme sports and activity holidays at an all-time high, the Olympus ?’?µ (mju) 720 SW is set to find a place in many holidaymakers’ backpacks this year. Olympus has optimised the standard weatherproof qualities found in all ?’?µ (mju) cameras, making this new model waterproof to 3m and shockproof according to MIL STD (Military Standard). Now, when other cameras reach their limits – such as at the shoreline of the beach or when crossing a mountain stream – the ?µ (mju) 720 SW really comes into its own.

It’s a classic case of “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”, as for even more rough stuff, the ?’?µ (mju) 720 SW users can boost the camera’s waterproof capabilities further, from 3m to an incredible 40m with the optional PT-033 underwater case. Being waterproof the ?’?µ (mju) 720 SW is ideal for taking snorkelling or canoeing. Among its 24 scene modes, which cover most everyday shooting situations such as portraits, landscapes or sports, this camera also includes modes specifically created for underwater photography.

Or so the guys at Olympus claim…

…so I tested if they are telling the “shockproof” truth by dropping the camera from about 1.5 meters!

…and then I tested if they are telling the “waterproof” truth by dropping the camera in an aquarium full of water!

And after all the “testing” the Olympus Stylus 720 SW digital camera still works just fine 😉

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