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The Keyboard Organizer

16, Aug 2006

The worlds first and only fully functioning computer keyboard that opens to have internal storage to organize the computer desktop area. You can now store a whole lot of useful things inside your keyboard and have easy access to them all the time.

When the keyboard is in the full, upright position it stays open without tipping over. It is only one tenth of an inch thicker than the normal keyboard and still thinner than many other keyboards in the market.

The Keyboard Organizer is ideal for use in offices, home offices, college dorms, studio apartments, design firms, shipping departments, POS locations, receptionists, legal offices, government offices, and also makes a great gift.

The price of the The Keyboard Organizer is $24.95 for the PS/2 wired model (MK190O) and $49.95 for the wireless one (MK2100).

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