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The USB Greenhouse is a USB-powered vase that illuminates growth light for your plant to grow healthly even without sunlight. As long as you have a computer with USB port, you can seed your plant in the USB Greenhouse at your desk. Now, planting is more timesaving. Don’t worry about cloudy days as your plant can be always illuminated as long as your computer is powered on. Watering isn’t a problem either because your plant status is monitored and you will be reminded to do so regularly by the supplied software. The USB Greenhouse is not only an interesting tool for planting, but also a cool gadget suitable for a gift and decoration.

– Miniature greenhouse
– Bulit-in growth light
– Computer interface monitors growth status
– Watering reminder
– Calendar
– Dimensions: 17.2×22.6×17 cm
– Weight: 560g


The USB Greenhouse starter pack includes seeds of Marigold and artificial soil, but you are free to use any seeds of your choice to maximize your USB greenhouse experience. This USB gadget will really make your computer desk more nature friendly than it is at the moment 😉

The USB Greenhouse starter pack is available at a price of $43.

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