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Trolltech announced Qtopia Greenphone, the first open Linux mobile device for application developers. Greenphone enables commercial and open source developers, in-house software developers and handset manufacturers to create, modify and test Linux- based mobile phone applications on a working GSM/GPRS device, making the applications easier to build and faster to bring to market.

Greenphone will be offered as part of a complete software development kit (SDK) and includes Trolltech’s Qtopia Phone Edition, a comprehensive application platform and user interface for Linux-based mobile phone. Although not intended as a commercial mobile phone, Greenphone has many of the communication functions and features found in today’s sophisticated smartphones. Developers can exploit these features and functions in developing their own unique applications.

Greenphone is the first in a series of open mobile devices the company plans to make available in cooperation with its partners. Greenphone is a functioning mobile camera phone with the capability to re-flash the applications of the device.

Software: Qtopia Phone Edition Linux kernel
Hardware: Touch-screen & keypad UI, QVGA LCD color screen, Intel Xscale 312 MHz dual core, 64MB RAM, 128MB Flash, Mini-SD card slot, Broadcom BCM2121 modem, Bluetooth equipped, Mini-USB port
Size: 106.5 x 49.0 x 15.6 mm

Greenphone will be available mid-September in limited quantities, and the phone is intended only for Linux mobile software developers.

More information about Trolltech Qtopia Greenphone…

JSC Ancort company and Mr. Peter Aloisson the world famous Austrian jeweler, the designer and the inventor of the luxury mobile phones have signed an agreement to start a project on the creation of a Diamond Crypto Smartphone. The cost of the luxurious Diamond Crypto Smartphone is USD 1.300.000.

Materials to be used
– metal parts: all parts are casted in solid platinum 950, besides the Ancort logo and the navigation key (these two parts are made of 18 carat rose gold).
– wooden parts: side parts of the phone and reverse side of the phone made of macassar ebony, carrying material used is carbon, coated with macassar ebony with 7 layers of polyester surface (hand polished), the wooden part on the reverse side can be hand decorated (possible personalization e.g. company logo or clients name/initials).
– keypad (front side): all keys are being produced in solid platinum and then hand engraved and then hand-coloured.
– option: also black rhodium treatment of the platinum is possible (black, shiny look).
– navigation key: navigation key has been produced in solid 18 carat rose gold and carries 28 round cut diamonds. Weight is 1,5 carats and quality is ???‚??G ???‚??? vvs1???‚?? or better.
– navigation button: ?’?… carat princess cut diamond in natural blue colour. The specification for the blue diamond option is ???‚??D ???‚??? IF???‚??.
– side buttons: double button made of cut to shape natural blue diamonds 1,2 carats in total.The quality is ???‚??D ???‚??? IF???‚??.
– single button: made of cut to shape natural blue diamond ?’?… carat in weight, quality is ???‚??D ???‚??? IF???‚??.
– on/off button (top): made of cut to shape natural blue diamond 1 carat in weight, quality is ???‚??D ???‚??? IF???‚??.
– diamond lines: each side carries 25 ?’?… carat princess cut five blue diamons on each side (total 50 diamonds, 10 of them are blue diamond). Left and right quality is ???‚??D ???‚??? IF???‚??.
– setting: channel setting
– total weight: 25 carats

– leather pouch: Connolly leather, black colour ???‚??? hand made with platinum trimmings and lock witj additional platinum decoration encrusted with round shaped diamonds in vvs1 quality G/H colour.
– presentation box: hand made macassar ebony box with suede leather lining (beige), platinum trimmings and lock. Space for the phone, leather pouch and phone tutorial and accessories (possible personalization e.g. company logo or clients name/initials), music function when opening the box (clients choice of song/music theme).

– for all diamonds used we provide separate international diamond certificates
– for the platinum used we provide a peter aloisson certificate

Technical Specification of the Diamond Crypto Smartphone
Operation System: Windows CE
Main processor: Motorola MX21 (266 MHz)
Memory: 64 ? ??? ?± (Flash)/64 ? ??? ?± (RAM)
Network standards: GSM 900/1800
Main display type: colour TFT (262.144 colours)
Touch Screen size: 2.2???‚?? (33.84×45.12 mm)
Resolution: 240×320 pixels
Antenna: Embedded antenna
Keypad: Latin alphabet
Virtual keypad: Yes
SIM-card: Plug-in (3 ? ??™) type
Battery (standard): 1350 mAh (Li-Polymer)
Battery operation in stand by mode: > 100 hours
Talk time: > 2 hours
Dimensions (HxWxL): 115????¦53????¦24 mm
SMS support: Yes
MMS support: Yes
E-mail support: Yes
Internet support: Yes
WAP 2.0 support: Yes
GPRS support: Class 10
JAVA support: Yes
Modem: Yes
Synchronization with PC: Microsoft ActiveSync
Interface: USB
Number of preset melodies and tones: 29
Media Player: Wav, MP3
Phonebook: 4000 numbers
Number of numbers for one subscriber: 5 numbers + fax and E-mail
Subscriber groups, groups: 26
Organizer: Yes
Keys for Quick access to programs: Yes
Charging: battery charging via AC-adapter or via USB-Cable
Standard set: Crypto Smartphone, charger, standard battery, cables, PC synchronization set (a cable and CD with software), User manual, certificate of warranty, pouch.
Viewing office documents: Microsoft Word

Main Cryptographic characteristics
Encryption processor: TMS 320 VC 5416
Crypto Phone call: Yes
Crypto SMS: Yes
Crypto E-mail: Message body and attachments
Encryption button: Dedicated button
Key power: 1077
Crypto algorithm: Symmetric 256 bit
Key distribution method: Public key
Data encryption in the phone: Yes
Syllable intelligibility: 87%

– Tempest-proof special screens, filers and protection methods are used in Crypto Smartphone and protect reliably non-encrypted information from leakage into the air.
– A physical sensor of equiprobable keys ???‚??? a user enters the selected keys into a Crypto Smartphone manually or automatically from a key sensor. Depending on the user requirement a Crypto Smartphone may have a separate portable or fixed key generator in a set to enter keys in the device.
– Two similar Crypto Smartphones should be used to provide the encrypted communication. Crypto Smartphones can function in the standard (public) and secure mode.
– Open key length 256 bit based on the elliptic curve.
– A public key is formed for each commutation session.
– A user can independently generate encryption keys and input them in the Crypto Smartphone.
– Compatibility with ISDN, PSTN Ancort phones.
– EDA (Encrypted Document Access) password protection.

Price of the Brilliant Crypto Smartphone is $1.3 million

Getmore information about the Diamond Crypto Smartphone project

Customer Service

26, Jun 2006

Customer service is often at the heart of a business , and if a website isn’t up to the task of handling online inquiries, a client might simply be not interested in spending more time with them. This is what the FAST approach will aim to address.

The idea is to quickly and easily get to the point of getting to know the customer,businesses need to build customer relationships

While the customer service component of the FAST approach may appear to be fairly straightforward at first glance, it is actually quite challenging and complex in practice.

At first, FAST will seek to gain a basic understanding of the customer’s goals and wants. But to do so, you must be able to answer two questions: 1) what is the customer trying to achieve with the company, and 2) what type of person is this person likely to be? To answer the first question, FAST will ask a series of question designed to understand the customer’s personality, goals, personality traits and preferences.

The second question can be asked when the customer approaches you in a conversation or when a product or service is provided to the customer. At this point FAST needs to look for certain criteria that appear to have an impact on the customer’s life, such as: the importance of the individual, how the customer views their job role and the business, the frequency of the interaction, etc. It will then start to draw up a profile of the customer, as well as the features, potential risks and advantages of the product or service that you are providing to the customer.

4. Use customer profiling to understand customer’s needs, identify customer needs & then design the product or service that aligns with them

By understanding the customer’s needs and identifying what they are looking for you can design the product or service that best suits their needs. You also need to take into account all the different parts of the customer’s life, including personal, business and work life.

4.1. Use insights from customer profiling to design and test a product or service To make sure your product is a good fit for your customer, firstly you need to know what they need. This is called the user profile. The purpose of a user profile is to identify the users’ personal and work needs. You then need to test and improve the product or service to identify which areas are most important. What is important for a customer to be able to do on your product or service? This is why customer profiling is extremely important. It allows you to test the product for the most important functions.

Customer profiling helps you test how to do things.

In a market with high prices, and a huge selection of products and services, many companies struggle to sell to their customers. This is because their products or services are so similar to those of the competition. This leads to a very slow sales rate.

The challenge when you want to solve a problem in the market is that there is a lot of information to be collected. So, it is very common to use customer profiling to test your product and services.

Customer profiling helps you to test your product and services. In a market with high prices, and a huge selection of products and services, many companies struggle to sell to their customers. This is because their products or services are so similar to those of the competition. This leads to a very slow sales rate. The challenge when you want to solve a problem in the market is that there is a lot of information to be collected.