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Sega Toys’s Mu-Bot

17, Jul 2006


Sega Toys and Avex Entertainment presented a new cute earphone accessory “Mu-Bot” designed for iPods and MP3 Players at 2006 Tokyo Toy Show. The cute Mu-Bot’s hands are actually retractable ear phones that you can get out when you listen and put them back “as hands” of the Mu-Bot when you are not listening music. So basically Mu-Bot is something like a pair of ear phones and no fancy lights or moves like the iDog for instance… although it seems pretty simple accessory this time, it still looks cool 😉


But will this turn out to be the successor of iDog and iFish and the new hot Christmas gift this year? The Mu-Bot is scheduled for a release in December this year or early in 2007 if it is delayed for some reason.

When released later this year the price should be something like 2,500 Yen or somewhere about $21.

More information is available on Sega Toys’ website (in Japanese)