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If you are a true Sci-Fi movie or comics fan you should know what we are talking when mentioning Cyclops from X-men, yes the guy that has to wear a special type of visor so that he won’t blast everything around him away with the optic blasts that come out of his eyes. Now you can look just like your favorite superhero when wearing this very realistic looking replica of Cyclops’ visor that is actually an authentically duplicated from the actual 20th Century Fox X-men. And although you probably can’t blast energy from your eyes this visor will make you look more like Cyclops at least when he is in his battle suit wearing the visor (otherwise he’s wearing a set of special sunglasses that are also quite cool looking).


The visor comes with an awesome all-metal display box with a certificate of authenticity and visor blueprints on the inner side of the top of the storage case. This way the Cyclops’ visor will look very cool even when you are not wearing it, stored in its special case that must be left open in order too make your friends jealous when they see what new “toy” you’ve just got. You should also have in mind that the visor comes with red iridium polarized sunglass lens that actually allows you to use it just like a pair of normal, very cool looking sunglasses… 😉

The Cyclops visor replica can be yours for $74.99.

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Red Keyboard Panic Key

30, Aug 2006


Your computer doesn’t do the things you want him do to? You don’t have a backup of your important files and your hard disk makes silly noises? The FBI stands before your door and you don’t have an encrypted hard disk? Just use the Panic Key and feel relieved.


The Panic Button has a self adhesive back so you can attach it to any keyboard or any other surface. Can be mounted on the place of another keyboard key or placed where it doesn’t do anything when “pressed”…

The price of the Red Keyboard Panic Key is about $5.

If you are interested in getting a Red Keyboard Panic Key…


This is a phone that looks retro on the outside, but actually there is a battery-powered GSM inside… All you have to do is open the phone, insert your SIM card, and turn the unit on. The unit will utilize your phone number and account minutes. The phone dials out like the real thing through the rotary. Incoming calls ring the original, loud, gong style metal bells.

The GM862 cellular module from Telit (built inside the rotary phone) works within any country that has one of the 900MHz / 1800MHz / 1900MHz cellular bands (90% of the world). Each phone is specially built to customer needs. Please allow a 2-3 weeks for delivery. The battery can run the phone for 4-5 days and is charged by unscrewing two screws on the bottom of the phone, opening it, and attaching the charger.

The Rotary Phone comes with 2000mAh Lithium-Polymer battery (4-5 days usage time before recharging is needed) and a Li-Po battery charger (3-prong 110V and international 220V). And the only drawback here is the price, but you’ve probably already guessed that… 😉

The price of the Red Port-O-Rotary Phone is $499.

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