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The Kill-A-Watt power meter is a very useful device that allows you to check what is the power usage and how efficient is any electrical device that you have at home or in the office, for instance your computer. The meter has a large LCD display that is used to show consumption by the Kilowatt-hour (kWh), just like the utility company does it. You can also figure out what your electrical expenses will be by the hour, day, week, month, even an entire year ahead based on the results you get measured by the device. The P3 Kill-A-Watt Power Meter allows you to monitor the quality of the electricity you get by displaying Voltage, Line Frequency and Power Factor (what you need to check the efficiency). You switch the mode by pressing the corresponding button for each function, depending on what information you want to see. Just have in mind that disconnecting the device from the power line will reset the collected information regarding the usage time and consumed kWh so far, so be careful when using the Kill-A-Watt.

The power meter does a great job if you are a PC enthusiast that constantly upgrades his computer, because the device helps a lot in terms of calculating your power consumption and efficiency of the new hardware being installed, compared to the older one… especially when we are talking about video cards and processors. But the usage is not limited in any way only to computers, you can measure the power usage of any electrical device that uses a standard power plug like your TV, microwave, refrigerator, console and just about anything else you can think of…


The only drawback of the P3 Kill-A-Watt Power Meter is that the device has been designed for 110V only, so you can’t use it in Europe for instance and will have to find a similar power meter device that is made for use with 220V. The max current the device can handle is 15A with a maximum power of 1875 VA, so be very careful not to overload it, because you’ll damage the meter!

You’ll have to pay just $24.99 for the Kill-A-Watt device.

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