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When you buy meat and poultry, its freshness and safety is probably your number-one concern. Unfortunately, few of us have confidence in the “sell by” dates on package labels. And relying on appearance and smell can be deceiving – especially when inert gasses are added to meat packages; they extend the appearance of freshness and add confusing odors.

The revolutionary SensorfreshQ is an affordable, portable, handheld electronic “nose” that uses leading-edge food-safety technology to quickly measure the bacteriological activity on uncooked meat or poultry. Its sophisticated micro-processor takes over 2,000 readings in under one minute and through complex algorithms, determines the food’s safety – a green LED means it is safe; yellow means okay but eat within a day; and red signals that freshness is no longer assured.

There is no special handling or prep required; and it works at any temperature. Simply hold the sensor about an inch above the meat and push a button; a built-in fan draws in the sample atmosphere past four electronic sensors that measure by-products of food-borne bacteria at sensitivities measured in parts per billion (ppb). It is programmed to correlate with the strictest international standards for food safety.

The price of the SensorfreshQ is $89.95.

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