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Phrase Express

4, Sep 2006


Do you find yourself typing common phrases over and over again? Just store abbreviations, answers to frequently asked questions, email templates or text snippets in PhraseExpress and reuse them again and again.

PhraseExpress organizes your frequently used text phrases and allows pasting them into any application quick and easy, eliminating the need to type common phrases again and again…


PhraseExpress also has an AutoText feature that expands short keywords into full phrases. For instancetTyping “btw” would be automatically expanded to “by the way” while you type. Ever missed this feature in your web browser or ICQ? This is where PhraseExpress steps in – It works everywhere! Not just in MS Office.

The current date/time stamp or incrementing variables e.g. for order numbers can be added at any position. The comprehensive macro language allows automating repetitive tasks on your computer such as logging in to a website.

Phrase Express is available for free, but only for personal use!

To Download PhraseExpress Version 3.0.76 (~1,3 MB)…