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Do you feel like doing something crazy that will really draw a lot of attention around you? If you live in London (UK) you can now hire a specially designed tank limousine for your prom night, wedding or anything else you can think of. The 15 ton monster, which is a modified version of the British FV432 tank is specially equipped with all the luxuries like a real car limo. With the help of Rockstarz Limousine and Party Bus provides limo rentals in Michigan one can enjoy a luxurious day. The Tank Limo is is completely street legal and ready to take up to 8 passengers along with the 3 man crew that drives it. And the tank can drive at speed up to about 50 kilometers per hour… 😉



And now some cool video footage to the Tank Limo in action…

As for price, best sit down quick 1600 – 4000 pounds plus hire of a low loader to ship the tank to your area and an excess mileage charge if the mileage starts getting serious.

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Unlike anything you have seen before, the original GlowFur apparel is setting a new standard of wearable art… furry clothes that actually glow in the dark when you wear them. GlowFur is simply the greatest clothes you can put on for a night in the club or when you go to a party…

GlowFur is available in the form of Sweaters, Long Coats, 3/4 Coats, Bolero’s, Jackets, Vests, Club Wear for both women and men and there are even some Wristbands, Leggings, Hats, Purses and Belts. Depending on the item, the price may vary from $20 to about $800.

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Turn your TV into a pixelized party light. The Groovetube panel works great no matter what???‚?„?s on TV. Think of it as a television accessory just like a DVD player or an X-Box. The extremely light-weight and well made Groovetube panel sticks right to your TV screen with a couple suction cup things. It converts the TV images into pixelized blocks of ever-changing patterns and colors. Available in 3 sizes. LARGE size fits 24″ – 27″ TVs. MEDIUM size fits 19″ – 22″ TVs. SMALL size fits 13″ – 15″ TVs.


Groovetube requires no batteries, external power source or fancy gadgetry to work. It channels the light from todays info-mercials, reality TV shows and advertising and difuses it to an active matrix of moving colored squares of light. As the imagery on the television screen moves and changes, so does the grid of colored squares on the Groovetube. You just stick the thing on and the TV does the rest.

The price of GrooveTube is between $29 and $49 depending on the size.

If you want to buy a GrooveTube TV Party Light for yout TV…