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Panoramer allows the viewing of 360 degree panoramas in your mac, making your screen look as a virtual window to the sight. It also lets you add a real environment rotation simulation to the panoramas with the help of an orientation tracker from Intersense. An orientation tracker is a device that delivers to the computer its 3D orientation (yaw, pitch & roll).

In Panoramer application, having the tracker placed behind your screen, it will keep track of it’s orientation and show the panoramic just if the screen was a window to the virtual world. This way, if the screen is moved, the panorama that is shown will also be rotated in the same way the screen is. Of course, panoramer can be used without an orientation tracking device, just using the arrow keys of your keyboard. Most portable MACs come with one, but it’s not sensible enough for this kind of application.

More information about the Panoramer application for Mac…