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The Aigo F529 1GB Omnisphere Digital Audio System truly revolutionizes the music listening experience! The F529’s elegant sleek design is a first in integrated MP3/Amplifier/Speaker technology. With its built-in 1GB flash memory, you can store up to 250 MP3 files or 500 WMA files on the system, and let the amazing 360 degree omni-directional sound give you a whole new listening experience of your favorite tunes!

It will also light up your room with different mood colors, as it features a high illumination LED with a staggering 4096 colors! These can be set to mimic your music. Working from the mains, there are no clunky buttons interfering with the magnificent design – just sleek, elegant curves creating a sensual feel to the device – guaranteed to light up any home or office environment.

With an expandable memory slot (MMC/SD up to 2GB) and auxilliary input also featured on the device, you can really experience as much of your music as you want, with the speakers boasting a superb 5??????watt output Dynamic Bass Compensation for rich bass sounded quality.

The price of the Aigo F529 1GB Omnisphere Digital Audio System is about $135.

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