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Here is something quite interesting, a special socket adapter that allows you to insert an old Celeron or Pentium processor using socket 478 on a brand new socket 775 motherboard. You just have to insert the special adapter in the LGA-775 socket of the new motherboard and inside it you just place the old socket 478 CPU just as if the motherboard has been designed for it. This way you can breathe a new life to your old high-end Pentium (preferably) processor that still packs some punch and not having to trow it away or give it to someone. Now what would be an even more interesting product is an adapter that will allow the use of a new Core 2 Duo processors using socket 775 on older motherboards, designed for socket 478 CPUs… 😉

The CPU adapter is priced at $20.48 and you get it with free shipping.

You can go to the adapter’s product page for more information…