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LEDtronics TRF-G30 LED Bulbs that offers beautiful lighting in many versatile applications. The G30 series LED bulb comes in a globe covering that allows the LEDs to shine in multiple directions (three dimensions) while still being protected from the environment. This hardy bulb is perfect in any situation that allows for 25mm Edison screw base attachments. Applications perfect for this bulb include decorative lighting, lamps, tollbooths, low-level beacon warning lights, receiving docks, task lighting, cabinets, displays, concealed lighting, retail store shelves, and more.

These high quality and patented LED bulbs can directly replace Type 2 incandescent bulbs allowing a long lifespan up to 100,000 hours. Furthermore, these bulbs are resistant to shock and vibrations, and will not burnout from frequently being switched on and off. The best part of the G30 series bulb is they only consume 13 watts of power while still creating so much light! These bulbs require no retrofitting kits and will install like a normal bulb allowing you to replace old and outdated incandescent bulbs painlessly.

The G30 LED bulb comes in red, green, yellow, and new super-bright warm white and cool white colors. Other colors can be made as well and are available through custom ordering. Depending on LED color and viewing angle, these great bulbs can put out 510 to 970 stunning candelas while still only consuming 13 watts!

Prices for TRF-G30 LED Bulbs retail from $158.00 to $199.95 depending on color and size.

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