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If you’ve considered getting some good screen protectors for your different gadgets now may be the right moment to take advantage of the clearance that ZAGG are doing for their InvidibleSHIELD protectors for different devices. You can get up to 75% percent off the typical price for some screen and full body protectors for Digital Cameras like the Sony HD Bloggie MHS-CM5, or for some Handheld Gaming Devices, MP3 Players like the Microsoft Zune HD and of course for a lot of different mobile phones from: BlackBerry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Google, HTC, Palm, T-Mobile, Verizon, Samsung and LG. Of course you can also find a big selection of InvisibleShield screen protectors and full body protectors available like for example for your brand new iPad or iPhone 4 as well as hundreds of other devices, but the current promotion does not cover them, so they are available with their normal prices.

To check out the Up to 75% off Blowout Sale at ZAGG…