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Memorex HD DVD Discs

16, Aug 2006


Memorex announced it started shipping its highly anticipated HD DVD recordable media. Compatible with HD DVD capable recorders and set-top players, Memorex HD DVD-R discs can record up to 15 GB of digital content, up to 75 minutes of HD-quality video, or about 7 hours of standard DVD-quality video, depending upon method of encoding used. The HD DVD format uses new state-of-the-art, blue-violet laser technology to support HD broadcasts and video recording and also serves as a high capacity back-up medium for data and photo storage from PCs and servers.

Memorex HD DVD-R media can record and preserve the digital quality of HD broadcasts, including enhanced 7.1 channel surround sound, brilliant widescreen aspect ratio, high resolution 1080i picture, and content-rich interactive features. Memorex will also bring rewritable HD DVD-RW media to the retail market in the fourth quarter of 2006.

The only problem is the lack of a variety of HD DVD recorders and the quite high prices of the already available models…

The suggested retail price of Memorex HD DVD-R media is $19.99 for a single disc.

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