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If you are a true Sci-Fi movie or comics fan you should know what we are talking when mentioning Cyclops from X-men, yes the guy that has to wear a special type of visor so that he won’t blast everything around him away with the optic blasts that come out of his eyes. Now you can look just like your favorite superhero when wearing this very realistic looking replica of Cyclops’ visor that is actually an authentically duplicated from the actual 20th Century Fox X-men. And although you probably can’t blast energy from your eyes this visor will make you look more like Cyclops at least when he is in his battle suit wearing the visor (otherwise he’s wearing a set of special sunglasses that are also quite cool looking).


The visor comes with an awesome all-metal display box with a certificate of authenticity and visor blueprints on the inner side of the top of the storage case. This way the Cyclops’ visor will look very cool even when you are not wearing it, stored in its special case that must be left open in order too make your friends jealous when they see what new “toy” you’ve just got. You should also have in mind that the visor comes with red iridium polarized sunglass lens that actually allows you to use it just like a pair of normal, very cool looking sunglasses… 😉

The Cyclops visor replica can be yours for $74.99.

If you want to look just like your favorite X-men hero…


Get ready to enjoy wireless connectivity and stereo music with O ROKR, the next generation of Bluetooth eyewear from Oakley and Motorola. O ROKR combines High Definition Optics with technologies that let you stay connected to calls and music while hiking, biking or doing virtually any activity* where cords and wires would get in the way. O ROKR gives you absolute wireless freedom, digital stereo fidelity and patented optical clarity.

Set Life to Music
Wherever you go, let music follow. O ROKR can wirelessly stream music from a compatible Bluetooth-enabled phone or a portable music player with an add-on Bluetooth adapter. Adjust the integrated speakers for a perfect fit that lets you control the balance of music and environment. Whenever you want to pause the music or change songs, use the buttons on O ROKR to control the music wirelessly.


Stay Connected
When you need to take a call on the go, answer it from O ROKR while your compatible mobile phone rests up to 30 feet away. You get up to approximately 4 hours of talk time and 100 hours of standby time in a hands-free link that???‚?„?s part of something you???‚?„?re already wearing. O ROKR supports a host of phone features**, and with a speaker for each ear, it makes calls easier to hear because the sound is more natural.

See in High Definition
Experience the razor-sharp clarity of Oakley???‚?„?s patented High Definition Optics. Unbeatable performance is matched with the all-day comfort of a lightweight O Matter frame. The lenses are interchangeable so you can install the perfect pair for wherever you???‚?„?re going, and even keep up with the sun. Made of optically pure Plutonite, the lenses maintain 100% filtering of all UV, not just UVA and UVB.


Summary fo Features
– Integrated Bluetooth technology for wireless phone connectivity and music listening Range of up to 30 feet (10 meters) from your Bluetooth-enabled device
– Buttons for controlling volume, answering/ending calls and controlling music
– Absolute freedom with no wires or cords to dangle and tangle
– Up to approximately 4 hours of listen/talk time and 100 hours of standby time
– Two speakers for stereo music listening and for making calls easier to hear
– Integrated speakers that adjust easily for a comfortable, precise fit
– Oakley???‚?„?s High Definition Optics (HDO) for unbeatable clarity and performance
– Lightweight O Matter frame material for all-day comfort and durability

O ROKR is expected to be available with a price of about $249.

For more information about O ROKR visit Mororola’s website…