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This PAR 38 flood light is great for large can ceiling fixtures; it consists of 150 bright LEDs that can light up a room with only 9 watt usage. As a result you get bright while light equivalent to about 60W you get from a normal light bulb. The life of the LEDs is also much higher than what you get prom a standard light bulb. The only drawback for this LED Floodlight is its price that is quite high even compared to the energy saving light bulbs that also provide longer life and about the same power consumption…

The price of the 150 LED Floodlight is $89.97

If you still want to buy one LED Floodlight and try it…


Following on the story about the Solar-Powered Sun Bricks, here comes another interesting and quite similar product… the Solar-Powered Motion-Sensing Light. The motion-sensing 15-watt halogen light is triggered when someone enters its 23-foot sensor range, so it can light the way without staying on all night (the light stays on for 10 seconds to 1 minute, you configure the length). The Solar-Powered Floodlight is powered by a 6V 4Ah lead-acid rechargeable battery, so you won’t need to replace batteries constantly (it has 3 years life), and because of the battery it will even work during power outages and no sun available at all. Aside from the battery, there is a 5″ x 5″ solar panel that recharges the battery during the day.

Installs in Minutes
There’s no electricity needed to power the Solar-Powered Floodlight. With no wires to run, you can install this solar light in minutes. A 14-foot cable between the solar panel and the light lets you place the light where you need it while allowing the solar panel to be installed facing the sun. This solar light will even work in cloudy weather, up to two weeks without any sunlight (if the battery is charged)!

Light Turns on at Dusk Automatically
A built-in photocell lets the Solar-Powered Floodlight know when it’s dark, so it won’t waste battery and bulb life by burning during daylight hours. You can adjust the light sensitivity if you desire. Additional features include adjustable motion sensitivity and adjustable length of light time.

The price of the Solar Powered Floodlight is $69.99.

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