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Samsung announced that it is now shipping 1 and 2 gigabyte (GB) samples of moviNAND – an embedded combination of NAND flash memory, a multimedia card (MMC) controller and onboard firmware – to leading manufacturers of mobile products.

moviNAND satisfies all of the major architectural concerns of mobile device designers with its high-speed, high capacity and extremely small form factor. moviNAND is smaller than competing devices being marketed and takes advantage of its high-performance MMC (multimedia card) interface to provide the fastest mobile data processing possible at 52 megabytes per second.

As an embedded memory card, Samsung’s moviNAND makes it unnecessary to have an external memory card slot in mobile devices. Another option is to use the embedded flash with a removable MMC card to enable a virtually unlimited amount of higher storage capacity.

Mass production of moviNAND in 1 and 2 GB densities starts this month, 512MB and 4GB densities should be available by the end of this year.

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