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Father’s Day is almost here and it is about time for you to decide what to get for your parent if you still haven’t got a present ready. Here are some good ideas for Father’s Day, especially if your father also love gadgets and smart tech stuff…

Binary Dad T-Shirt – A 100% cotton heavyweight t-shirt in very dad-friendly blue with the word “DAD” in binary zeroes and ones printed on the front in white.

Digital Measuring Tape – Allows you to take correct measurements every time you need them, eliminating the human error factor, great idea for a DIY dad.

Stainless Steel Wallet – Amazing wallet made from real stainless steel that is soft to touch, but really hard and efficent in protecting its contents.

ToolLogic Firesteel Knife – A razor sharp blade and emergency signal whistle plus a premium magnesium alloy fire starter combined in a cool looking tool.

Original Ring Thing – A stylsh ring that has a reali valuable feature for all beer lovers, an easy to use bottle opener that is really handy every time you need it.

Circuitboard Business Card Case – A saavy little business card case with a techno-appeal that will definitely draw attention when you are giving out your bussines card.

For some more ideas (over than 50) for a Dad’s gift for Father’s Day you can visit the specialized section at ThinkGeek, you’ll surely find something that will become a great gift… 😉

To the list of 50+ other good gift ideas for Father’s Day…