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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-N2

12, Sep 2006

The new DSC-N2 digital camera features three-inch touch-screen display and built-in slide show capability. The extra-large 3″ screen with intuitive menu options allow for less physical buttons on the camera body, resulting in a sleeker design. They display also incorporate Sony’s Clear Photo Plus LCD technology for higher resolution (230K), higher contrast and optimal viewing from various angles.

The elegant DSC-N2 camera debuts in champagne gold and is a ten-megapixel powerhouse with an extending Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar 3x optical zoom lens. With its built-in photo album function, this model can be a photo diary in your pocket, loaded with up to 500 of your favorite images.

Every time you snap a picture, the DSC-N2 model will store a full-resolution image on the optional media card or in the camera’s 25 MB of internal memory. Additionally, it automatically resizes that same image in VGA resolution and stores it in a portion of the camera’s internal memory dedicated to pocket album. No matter how many pictures are offloaded from the media card, you can choose to protect the images you want to keep and, over time, you have a collection of your favorite shots in the camera.

The CCD sensor of the camera incorporate high light sensitivity up to IS0 1600 to facilitate shooting without blur at faster shutter speeds – a necessity when capturing fast-moving subjects or taking photos in low-light environments.

The DSC-N2 should hit the stores in October with a price of about $450.

For more information about Sony Cybershot DSC-N2 as it becomes available