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Unlike lesser plastic driveway markers that crumble under the weight of automobiles or deteriorate in inclement weather, these tough aluminum alloy units (set of four) are virtually indestructible. The markers alert drivers to nearby lawns or flowerbeds, and can be used on garden or deck steps to illuminate stairs. Top-mounted solar panels collect energy during the day to power six bright, side-mounted LEDs that turn on automatically at dusk (can also be controlled by an on/off switch). The LEDs shine clearly, have a steady and blinking setting, and are visible even under 2″ of snow, making it easier to find the right place to safely park. They secure atop paved or wooden surfaces with an adhesive backing that does not harm the surface. Bui lt-in NiMH battery runs for 8 hours on a full charge, and the solar panels can collect energy even during 60% cloud cover.

A set of 4 solar markers will cost you $64.95.

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