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Hardcore Computer officially announced the launch of their Reactor PC – the world’s first commercially available high-performance computer with total liquid submersion cooling technology. The Reactor PC has been developed for hardcore computer users such as gamers, graphic artists, audiophiles, industrial designers, engineers, medical imaging technicians and military technologists with the idea to provide top performance and lots of features in a really unique form. With a Reactor PC you can not only get the latest technology such as Tripple SLI with the latest Nvidia GTX 280 video cards, Quad Core Intel CPU, SSD disks combined with a really cool and innovative oil cooling that gives you not only quiet working, but also a highly overclockable computer.

Hardcore Computer submerged all of the heat-producing components – the CPU, motherboard, video card, memory and power supplies – in a custom dielectric fluid they have named Core Coolant, eliminating heat-related computing limitations. Reactor incorporates the benefits of liquid submersion cooling with twin additive and redundant server-class 650Watt power supplies; audiophile-quality Creative Labs X-Fi, EAX, 7.1-channel Dolby digital surround sound embedded on the motherboard; three on-board SATA solid-state drives configured in an ultra-fast RAID 0 array; and two truly hot-swappable external hard drives.

Form following function, Reactor has a distinctive look. Locating the majority of I/O on the top of the case for easy access resulted in the unique Spinal Cord cable management system, another industry first for a desktop system. Also on the case top are optional, dual, diversity Wi-Fi antennas. The system chassis incorporates handles that serve as a means for transporting Reactor. The handles also aid in the removal of the system core, which includes all of the computer’s active components, from the liquid for maintenance or upgrades. Over-clocking enthusiasts will appreciate a CMOS battery and BIOS reset switch located on the lid, inside a push-push access hatch door. Reactor also sports user-selectable internal tank and chassis base lights. The result is a cool and quiet state-of-the-art system that provides full-throttle processing, sustained over-clocking, HD/3D realism with maximum frame rates, an easily upgradable modular design and a rugged custom chassis. The liquid submersion technology also ensures stable, 24/7/365 hardware reliability.

You can get a Reactor PC for as low as $4464, but in order to get the top specs computer you’ll have to prepare $10541. You can pre-order your fully oil cooled PC now and it is expected to ship on 11/19/2008. You can also visit for more gaming tech reviews, buyer guides, and the latest gaming news.

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IDE Cable Belt

29, Aug 2006


Are you geek enough to wear a belt that is made out of a real ribbon cable as it is used for IDE cables in nearly all PCs? If you are then the IDE Cable Belt is definitely a great idea for you… The belt is 2,5cm wide and comes in one standard length, but you can easily shorten it if you need to. The replacement if anything goes wrong with the ribbon cable is also very easy, you’ll just have to get a new IDE cable 🙂

The price of the IDE Cable Belt is about 30$

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Alienware Area-51 ALX

28, Jul 2006


Alienware has introduced its new model Area-51 ALX that utilizes the new P2 Full-Tower Case of the company and that features the new Intel Core 2 Extreme processor Extreme X6800, SLI configuration with two NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTX or QUAD SLI with 2 GeForce 7950 GX2 videocards, Ageia PhysX Processing Unit and more. The new Area-51 ALX is just about what every gamer (and not only) always dreamt of having in his home, and I’m not talking only about the cool look…


But wait, there is more… Alienware Area-51 ALX comes by default with a 24″ Dell UltraSharp Widescreen Flat Panel monitor (1920 x 1200 resolution), but you can choose up to a 30″ Dell monitor with resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. Alienware utilizes an exclusive liquid dual zone chilling system that keeps your central and graphics processors running cool and quiet. The power supply is a high-end 850W Multi-GPU Approved that is able to provide enough juice for just about every component in the case. There are 2 gigabytes of ram by default, but you can get a system with 4GB in total…

The price of the Alienware Area-51 ALX starts at about $5,999 and goes up depending on what configuration you choose.

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