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This is a phone that looks retro on the outside, but actually there is a battery-powered GSM inside… All you have to do is open the phone, insert your SIM card, and turn the unit on. The unit will utilize your phone number and account minutes. The phone dials out like the real thing through the rotary. Incoming calls ring the original, loud, gong style metal bells.

The GM862 cellular module from Telit (built inside the rotary phone) works within any country that has one of the 900MHz / 1800MHz / 1900MHz cellular bands (90% of the world). Each phone is specially built to customer needs. Please allow a 2-3 weeks for delivery. The battery can run the phone for 4-5 days and is charged by unscrewing two screws on the bottom of the phone, opening it, and attaching the charger.

The Rotary Phone comes with 2000mAh Lithium-Polymer battery (4-5 days usage time before recharging is needed) and a Li-Po battery charger (3-prong 110V and international 220V). And the only drawback here is the price, but you’ve probably already guessed that… 😉

The price of the Red Port-O-Rotary Phone is $499.

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Back in 1982, Tron was one of the first films to incorporate computer generated graphics. A geometrically intense and blazingly colorful world was created for the film from pioneering visual techniques alongside traditional optical treatments.

Inspired by the groundbreaking film, Adidas has referenced some of the graphics and visuals that made it such a stand out movie. Featuring Lightcycle, Game Grid and Tank and Recognizer graphics, the jacket pays homage to the innovative visual identity behind the film.


In 1983 Adidas introduced a freakin’ crazy concept to the world: adicolor. Two decades later, adicolor is back and it is all about customization. First came the White Series, where peeps could customize all-white pieces with special markers and paint. Today, in addition to the White Series, adidas has collaborated with some of the world’s most amazing artists, designers, design houses and shops to reinterpret the original White Series in color!

The assignment from Adidas… create products based loosely on a color chosen from the adicolor palette, and don’t forget to make them dope. Thus were born the Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink and Black adicolor series.


The Tron Track Jacket Features
– Thick stripe across front with graphics with Tron
– Three purple stripes down both sleeves
– Shiny motif down whole sleeve
– On back car with Tron stitched on
– 52% Cotton, 48% Polyester
– Wash with fasteners closed, machine wash warm with like colors, use only non-chlorine bleach, tumble dry low, do not iron
– By Adidas

The current price of the The Adidas Tron Track Jacket is $90.

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