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Red Mushroom Chair

17, Apr 2007


A small red mushroom chair looking just like the mushrooms in all the Super Mario games and a few other among them. The chair is about 7.25″ tall and with 10″ cap diameter, which may be pretty small for some people (it is a Japanese product after all), but anyway come and join the Mushroom Club 😉

The Red Mushroom Chair is available for $18.99

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iChair Sound System

17, Aug 2006


This rockin’ retro pod is all about the music, the chair comes with high-quality built-in speakers that are strategically positioned near your ears, and a subwoofer sits under your seat for maximum bass. A pocket holds your iPod and a control panel by your right hand lets you change the volume. A wood frame with weighted base prevents tipping, and cush faux suede looks and feels deluxe.

The provided standard audio jack makes it easy to connect the chair to any game system, other MP3 player, even your PC or anything else that has sound output. The size of the iChair is 34″ x 29″ x 30″. It’s available in two colors: charcoal and light blue.

The price of the iChair is $399.

More information about the iChair is available here…