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The cebop POP Blowup-speakers are the only sound system that use an inflatable form to produce sound. The Inflatable Speakers can be used with: PC’s, Mac’s, Personal CD Players, Personal stereos, and make a refreshing change to a boring black speaker lurking in the corner…

In contrast to traditional speakers which rely on the motion of a diaphragm, the cebop POP Blowup-speakers use an NXT Exciter which can generate sound waves across the entire surface of a material. The sound produced is high quality and multi-directional, another advantage on the diaphragm system – true surround sound.

When inflated, the satellite speakers stand 260 mm high. Deflated these speakers are perfect for a backpack, briefcase or beach bag. The sound quality is better than conventional portable speakers, which don’t allow for much range and have a hollow, “tinny” sound. The plastic skin works as a resonating surface, allowing a richer and wider range of sound with more bass.

– 360 degrees stereo sound, 10 Watt RMS Audio Output
– Power and volume control, magnetically shielded
– Frequency response: 50 Hz bis 20 KHz, input sensitivity: 350 m

The price of the cebop POP Blow-Up Speakers is about $50.

If you are interested in buying a set of cebop POP Blow-Up Speakers…