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We live in a world where clean air is a precious commodity. Indoors and out, the air we breathe contains many impurities. Surprisingly, the quality of air indoors is often worse than that outside.

Blueair AirPod is a cool-looking compact device that delivers cleaner air at the rate of 45 cubic feet per minute. The AirPod delivers more clean air at a faster rate than any air cleaner its size on the market. Standing 13″ tall, the AirPod is ultra-compact making it ideal for the smallest of areas. Its light weight redefines the word “portable” to describe air purifiers. With filter attached, it weighs in at just 1.7 pounds, infinitely less than the heavyweights that call themselves portable air purifiers. The compact 6.3″ x 4.3″ x 13″ design is small enough to hold device in your hand, yet large enough to surround you by a sphere of pure air.

The price of the Blueair AirPod Purifier is $99.99

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