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The long awaited and much anticipated release of the Black Diamond mobile phone is near. Jaren Goh will be releasing a Limited Edition of five unique numbered phones early in 2007 costing about $300,000 each.


The phone will be Quad band with Wi-Fi support (802.11b/g), it will use Intel Xscale 400 MHz processor running Windows Mobile 5. The screen is 2″ with 262K color and touch sensitive keyboard penal, the phone will come with 128MB internal memory and 2GB external SD flash card for additional storage. It is interesting to note that there will be a 4MP (megapixel) camera built in the phone, which is supposed to make godo photographs…

Black Diamond limited edition mobile phone’s body will be from Titane and Polycarbonate with mirror-finish cladding and of course Diamonds (where do you think the name came from). And of course this mobile won’t come anywhere near affordable price for normal people…

The price of the Black Diamond limited edition phone will be about $300,000.

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