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Tetrius magnet set

22, Aug 2006


The Russian designer Artemy Lebedev (Optumus and Optimus Mini Keyboards) has prepared a new fun product – a set of magnets with the shape of Tetris blocks.


The magnet set includes seven possible Tetris figures each consisting of four elements. In complex words of Greek origin (tetra) means “four”, which is essentially where the names of the Tetris game and these magnets come from. Tetrius sticks to a fridge, an office whiteboard or any other metal surface to hold your important notices or reminders…

The price of the Tetrius magnet set is about $7, to be available on November 1st.

If you want to pre-order a Tetrius magnet set…


Optimus mini is an auxiliary keyboard with three keys, each complete with an OLED screen displaying the current function. The keyboard is placed either horizontally or vertically: the images displayed on the keys are turned using the Optimus Configurator software.


Optimus mini is a blank sheet. It’s hard to say what a usual monitor is worth until you open an image on it. The same goes for Optimus mini: the more plugins that support applications there are for Optimus Configurator, the more indispensable is the keyboard for daily use.

The support of applications depends on whether these applications’ codes are open and whether there are plugins. The basic set of plugins is part of the standard package, however, we expect professionals and amateurs from all over the world to write most of them.

Optimus Configurator for Windows is now being completed. The keyboard’s work under other operating systems is just a matter of time. Any programmer can connect Optimus mini to a computer with a USB port and set about creating his or her own configurator.

Size of the keyboard: 118mm (W) x 51.8mm (D) x 18mm (H)
Size of the keys: 32×32 mm
Keys display technology: OLED
Keys resolution: 96×96 pixels
Displaying animation: 5 frames per second
Colors displayed: 262000
Viewing angle: 160 degrees
Connection: USB 1.0
Control: Optimus Configurator software
OS support: Windows (others coming later on)

Demonstration of Optimus mini three v 1.5 in action…

You can order Optimus mini three for $134.99 at the moment.

To get yourself an Optimus mini three keyboard…