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When it’s blazingly hot, don’t you dread leaving the air-conditioned comfort of your home? Maybe you’ve tried an ice-soaked towel around your neck, but that’s nothing compared to the long-lasting, total-body comfort this Personal Cooling System. It’s the best way to stay comfortable and avoid heat stress when walking, mowing, gardening, watching sports or concerts – just about any activity, anywhere.

This wearable invention houses a patented, miniature evaporative-cooling system. Just fill with a few ounces of water, place around your neck and switch it on: A quiet motor drives a tiny fan that creates evaporative cooling; flexible sides hold aluminum cooling plates against your neck and your entire body enjoys up to four hours of relief. What’s more, the fan inside adds even more cooling by directing a gentle breeze over the back of your neck. Comes with 2-oz. water bottle for on-the-go refilling.

The price of the Personal Cooling System 3.0 is $29.95, available in Silver and Cobalt Blue colors.

Buy yourself a Personal Cooling System for the hot summer days