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This is a portable digital notepad that can be used to store data as digital information without the need of any PC (you can as well call it low-end tablet “PC”, but without the PC part). All the information written on the paper is being stored as digital pages, post-editing can be done by direct page selection (LCD display) at any time. It is also possible to do post-editing via the supplied Windows software if you connect the device trough the USB port to a PC. The standard memory capacity is 32MB and it is upgradeable via SD cards. Battery status is being displayed both on the stylus and on the tablet. The device can operate up to 20 hours with one battery set. And although the official information about Aiptek’s MyNote digital notepad is still way too little, this device seems to be quite interesting…

Technical Data
Dimensions: 253 x 13,5 x 332 mm
Work Area: 210 x 297 mm (DIN A4)
Maximum Resolution: 1000 lpi
Interface Type: USB
Power Supply: Tablet – 4x AAA batteries, stylus – 1x AAA battery
Operating Systems: Only Windows 2000/XP are supported

The price of the Aiptek MyNote is about $165

The MyNote product page on Aiptek’s official website…